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Coaching That Benefits Employees and HR Leaders

How Bravely Benefits Employees

Bravely is Trusted by Leading Organizations

How Bravely Benefits HR Leaders

How Bravely Benefits HR Leaders

Coaching That Benefits Employees and HR Leaders

Bravely gives employees access to best-in-class, 1:1 coaching while providing HR leaders with unparalleled, anonymized insights into their employees’ most pressing needs.

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How Bravely Benefits Employees

Bravely gives employees access to:

45-minute, confidential coaching sessions with a professional coach in over 30 languages

1:1 Coaching

Interactive monthly webinars for Bravely users to develop new skills and thrive at work

Exclusive Monthly Webinars


An extensive library of articles and webinar recordings for self-led employee development

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Employees can work with a coach to develop new skills, set goals, prepare for performance reviews, and gain clarity on their career trajectory.

Growth and Development Resources

Our coaches support employees when they’re stressed, need help prioritizing their workload, or want guidance on working relationships.

A Robust Support System

We offer on-demand coaching sessions (including nights and weekends) to support employees when they need it most—and when it’s most convenient for them.

Coaching on Their Schedule

Our coaching sessions provide employees with:

In-Depth Understanding of Employee Needs

Our Insights Reports provide a window into employees’ current needs, engagement levels, and their disposition toward their managers and HR—all without compromising session confidentiality.

Discover which departments are feeling the most burnout, the top needs of your managers, the office locations where employees need more support, and much more!

Actionable Insights

Extended HR Reach

HR Leaders can’t be everywhere, and Bravely increases the reach of HR by providing additional support for employees—including in instances when they are not comfortable speaking directly to HR.

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